Marina Bay Sands; The Magic That Comes True

Marina Bay Sands understands that all its guests shouldn’t face any hassle since the first day they arrive. The hotel prepares a shuttle that will pick up all guests from the airport. Rare hotels prepare this facility.

Besides, it runs regularly with a similar pickup site at dock nine. The bus is big with a luxury interior. It takes about twenty minutes to reach the hotel. While passengers are sitting, they can watch the video about the features of the hotel. It is a friendly welcome greeting.

Marina Bay Sands for Your Holiday

Of course, this hotel should be more than a dwelling place for a holiday trip. It is also suitable for business trips. Besides, many wealthy Singaporeans prefer to stay here for days to enjoy their Staycation Singapore. The hotel is ready with a friendly, experienced staff team who welcomes all guests with wonderful professionalism. To get extra experience, you may find a best attraction nearby the hotel using Epic Sale from Traveloka to get 80% discounts off for Xperience and hotel too.

There should be no worry about waiting too long. Checking in at a hotel doesn’t require too much time. The fast response from the staff works with the high technology, computerized equipment that makes things easier for both guests and the hotel’s reception team.

It means guests who want to enjoy the total luxury of the grand lobby won’t be able to sit longer. Every guest can enjoy a welcome drink while they are waiting. But it is okay. Once they put all their stuff in the room, they can make their effort in exploring the massive hotel in every inch. Of course, it will take hours.

Infinity Pool is Always The First Place to Check Out

It seems that everyone, who plans to stay at Marina Bay Sands, wishes to check out its Infinity Pool. That is such a great blessing because this pool is indeed very infinity. It doesn’t seem to have a limit between the pool and panorama. Besides, it is also exclusive. Only guests are allowed. So, if you are a guest of this hotel, be proud. You can enjoy this pool as long as you want.

First-timers will be very impressed in seeing the breathtaking design of the pool. Meanwhile, frequent users still want to enjoy this magnificent site over and over. The beautiful Singapore skyline view is hard to miss. Imagine swimming in a pool on a 57th where you have a chance to look over the city.

The border of the pool isn’t really visible. That is the authentic attraction of this pool. Believe it or not, anyone who visits this pool for the first time will check its edge. You will do the same way.

Spending A Great Nightlife

Who would deny spending a vibrant nightlife at the giant casino or lively luxury bar around Marina Bay Sands? Entering the casino of the Marina Bay Sands is free, thank God. But, natives should pay an entrance fee. Spending nights at either the casino or a bar after finishing the whole remote working task for anyone’s Staycation Singapore will be the best experience ever.