"The Fifth Element or Man-Shell-Money"


War eases hierarchization as well as, if necessary, predefines structuring of society in military manner with the supreme commander at the head. This is the central idea in the picture “The Fifth Element or Man-Shell-Money”, showing the war machine and financial Dictate. Some army of people, changing their personality into the place and position in military hierarchy.

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"Alchemy of War"


The picture shows how military actions turn into stock charts and enrich large capital at the cost of people's lives and mass destruction.

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"The Face of War"


The painting - «The Face of War»  was created by in response to the events of 2014 in Ukraine, when Russia showed aggression and attacked the eastern part of the country, thus creating the largest military conflict in Europe since the Second World War endangering world security.

This anti-war painting  is created from cartridge cases taken at the different parts of  front. Unique of its kind and the only in the world mosaic - installation, which depicts the face of a cynical political tyrant Vladimir Putin is the first in the history work of art made in such a technique and style and has a philosophical conceptual meaning:«It does not matter how the war would be enlighten, and how it would look - it consists of the lives of innocent people.»

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"The Face of Money"


"The face of our time" ( "Face of money") - rich and cheap.
(Authors DANIEL GREEN, in collaboration with DARYA MARCHENKO)
240x170 sm - American cents, casino chips, oil, acrylic

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"The Flesh of War"


The painting “The Flesh of War” shows the world map desired by every conqueror …and symbolizes the binary opposition of oppressing and oppressed sides of Mankind. The artwork consists of two parts showing the continents which are the reflections of each other (and the unified whole at the same time): on one of them the shells are directed to the viewer, on the other - from him.

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"The Honour"

The Dictate using its power violates not only the laws, but also the rights of its nation. It is also dangerous due to his violation of international standards and agreements. In this works, we talk about evolution of dictate in terms of situation in Eastern Europe as about CRITICAL LINE BETWEEN WESTERN DEMOCRATIC WORLD AND EASTERN DICTATE WORLD.

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"The Brain of War"


The artwork “The Brain of War” (sculpture is a grenade with attached photo lenses) is the part of representation for dictate power and its instruments of information war propaganda, which nowadays transfers in modern society to global international level with the help of mass media, via possible propaganda trails under dictate`s control, mostly playing upon patriotic feelings of people and thus involving them in war.

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The Heart of War


Napoleon Bonaparte said: “Money is blood of war necessary for its heart…” But in this historic period the blood of war is energy resources flowing through  veins of the faceless Dictate. This idea is represented in the symbolic work “The Heart of War”.
Dictator often loses his head, being dazzled with power, when conquering new territories and fields of influence, by depleting natural and human resources of the planet, he does not notice his quick transformation into mental cyborg, whose arms became like oil derricks, whose heart pumps oil instead of blood and already feels nothing in relation to the surrounding people.

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