"The Brain of War"


The artwork “The Brain of War” (sculpture is a grenade with attached photo lenses) is the part of representation for dictate power and its instruments of information war propaganda, which nowadays transfers in modern society to global international level with the help of mass media, via possible propaganda trails under dictate`s control, mostly playing upon patriotic feelings of people and thus involving them in war.

Dictate here is not absolutely the repressor but the promulgated idea, total industry of lie, the machine of ideology. With time, the repressor himself becomes the hostage of his own propaganda, capable to cause uncontrolled processes in society and happening inertially. In that way the information war becomes uncontrolled grenade. And the repressor is forced to control it, constantly holding his hand on joint pin of this “information grenade”. But sooner or relater, the “propaganda plants” (represented by photo films growing from the grenade) never disappear on their own – they demand blood and fire. In case of starting the propaganda processes, the mechanism will soon detonate with the splash of public energy: either the aggression to another state or revolutionary explosions at the squares, directed to the repressor himself. As the energy hidden in this “Grenade” possesses its own fatal power and collective brain.

Lenses of photo and video cameras may be as instruments of information war and instruments of opposition to dictate. We should not consider the work “The Brain of War” as a representation of the system watching all of us, we should also pay our attention to every separate camera and realize that every camera has its own vision – search angle – point of view. Because camera is just a barrier hiding someone`s eye – the personality, his own analyzing brains, which can make a choice how to use the depicted information. The man with camera may decide to refuse from independent thinking (his brain), by imposing the responsibility to the above unit and become the valuable instrument in the hands of totalitarian system; or maybe listen to his heart and choose the way of truth: the path of personal view and freedom of self-expression by realizing its legal right for personal vision of the situation and freedom of word. He can use his camera against the repressor himself and blow the system up. Every person makes his own decision which shots to use for the film of his own created realm.

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