"The Face of War"


The painting - «The Face of War»  was created by in response to the events of 2014 in Ukraine, when Russia showed aggression and attacked the eastern part of the country, thus creating the largest military conflict in Europe since the Second World War endangering world security.

This anti-war painting  is created from cartridge cases taken at the different parts of  front. Unique of its kind and the only in the world mosaic - installation, which depicts the face of a cynical political tyrant Vladimir Putin is the first in the history work of art made in such a technique and style and has a philosophical conceptual meaning:«It does not matter how the war would be enlighten, and how it would look - it consists of the lives of innocent people.»

This work has an unusual property to change the colour and facial expressions depending on the change of the lighting. Portrait has a set of characters where is possible to see the fate, fear, pride, cruelty and hatred, sorrow and confusion, the willingness to destroy the world (by clicking on the "button"), or even appear before the judgment of God for their actions. In fact, this portrait represents the emotional diversity of war.

The installation in total consists of approximately 5,000 cartridge cases of different calibres for different types of weapons used on the firing line. Each element that the portrait is composed of could have taken or have saved a soldier's life, one way or another to be his fate.The exhibit requires spotlights. The cartridge cases, scattered on the floor, in the amount of 5,000 units are attached to the painting). Thereby, on the canvas you can see the mystery, full of war energy, consisting of its primary elements: the gunpowder, lead, steel, bronze, brass, copper and zinc, in an amazing combination with the oils and acrylic colours.The painting encourages everyone who takes up arms to think about the role of the bloody political ambitions in the history of civilization, and that nothing is more precious than human life.

Over 4,000 publications and video reports in newspapers and news services from the around the world featured Daniel's and Daria's Face of War, including The Wall St. Journal, Reuters, the BBC, Sky News, USA Today, NBC News, ABC News, The Guardian, The Telegraph, the International Business Times, Yahoo News, Yahoo Finance, the Observer, the New York Post, the London Art News, The Star, the Voice of America, Die Welt, the Times of India, African News and many more.

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