"The Honour"

The Dictate using its power violates not only the laws, but also the rights of its nation. It is also dangerous due to his violation of international standards and agreements. In this works, we talk about evolution of dictate in terms of situation in Eastern Europe as about CRITICAL LINE BETWEEN WESTERN DEMOCRATIC WORLD AND EASTERN DICTATE WORLD.

In particular, we talk about glaring violation of international legal standards (as the dominant power of law) in terms of violating the agreements of the Budapest Memorandum. The third biggest nuclear potential was rejected by Ukraine in exchange for security guarantees from the USA, Great Britain, France, the Russian Federation…

The whole nation had hope for legitimacy, power of international law and civilization of leading world countries. Right now, the silence of the whole world and closing eyes on the outrageous fact of the harsh policy of the Russian Federation change the current moment into the critical point of history, taking the mankind back to the stone age. As the silent agreement makes the silent ones into the implicated participant of the crime, and all these things are represented in the art work “Honour”.

“Honour” is an anti-war picture. It has great historical value. The painting was created as a response to the 2014 events in Ukraine, when Russia attacked Ukraine, regaining the part of its Eastern territories, thus, creating the largest military conflict in Europe since the Second World War and posing a threat to world safety. The war has been lasting for more than two years and has taken lives of more than 30 thousand people.

The picture represents an eye as a symbol that the whole world is looking after the current situation in Ukraine; the agreements were also broken before the whole world. The iris of eye contains military boards of countries having signed the Budapest Memorandum and showing their intentions in terms of such agreement (Russia, Ukraine, Great Britain, the USA, France and China). The work also contains shells, scabs of GRADs, bombs and rackets from the frontline at Donbas, symbolizing honour and dignity of armies, promising to support Ukraine in some way or another. The white of the eye consists of the pages from the Budapest Memorandum being signed by the world leaders, ensuring integrity of Ukraine. These pages represent the bankruptcy of legal norms.

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